The Logistics center "Parfyum" in the settlement Shushary in area 29 600 m2.

The Logistics center "Logopark Kolpino". The area is over 650 000 m2.

The electronic plant of "Foxsconn" company in area over 50 000m2.

Storehouse designing, consulting services and project management.

“GenStroiProekt” companies group fulfils the role of Construction industrial project manager. The company provides the whole investment cycle (signing the “Declaration of Intentions”, site selection and official registration, commissioning of the completed project, etc.)

Our licences

Industrial building designing

is the main course of the “GenStroiProekt” companies group.

“GenStroiProekt” companies group designs warehouses in Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Irkutsk, Volgograd.

Our company can offer you ready-made project of the warehouse at the attractive price.

 “GenStroiProekt” companies group designs subsistence warehouses taking into account the presence of traffic arteries, equipment location, warehouse’s work methods and so on.

In our company you can buy ready-made project of the subsistence warehouses at the attractive price.

“GenStroiProekt” companies group designs storehouses for keeping agricultural products and develops the best production storage conditions.

The company designs industrial complexes in accordance with requirements of modern technological processes.


Skillful design of the warehouse and storehouse terminals.

Approval and examination.

The main course of the “GenStroiProekt” companies group is designing of industrial facilities and stock complexes.

In addition we can offer you designing of residential and public buildings, high-rise buildings, cottages, villa communities, business centers, cultural and health complexes, plants. We also realize landscape design and improvement of any territory. Our experts will develop interior design in accordance with all your desires. Furthermore the company will design hardscape elements and auxiliary constructions (bathhouses, guesthouses, summerhouses).

About company

“GenStroiProekt” is completed with high-qualified experts. They have great experience in management, design, projecting, financing and jurisprudence. Our experts can project the building construction of any complexity whether it be building reconstruction or industrial designing (for example warehouses designing).

We have a long – term reliable relationship with many partners and authorities of Russian Federation and former USSR. Our experts follow the changes in legislation and regulations, master innovative technologies keeping up old traditions and methods of design. Though the company was formed not so long ago it rapidly develops and has a good reputation on the market.

Our clients are persons of different income level. We offer a simple cottage out-of-town, premium country house and villa.

For major companies we offer our services in obtaining approvals, warehouse designing and redevelopment. Our primary concern is cost minimization that helps us meet price competition on the market. Working with clients we apply different mutual settlements (credit, mortgage, against security of immovable property).

“GenStroiProekt” companies group guarantees:

·        The Internal Quality Control Service checks the quality of construction works and materials

·        Performance of all works by the deadline

·        Exact cost for warehouses designing and building

“GenStroiProekt” companies group tries to avoid any force-majeure circumstances. So you can be sure that after costimating you will not have to pay extra for anything.

·        Regularity of all documents (propriety rights, contacts).

“GenStroiProekt” companies group keeps Russian laws and local legal acts, branch norms and contract terms.

To make the right choice is up to you!

“GenStroiProekt” companies group designs warehouses and storage facilities in Moscow and Moscow Region, Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

Warehouses designing. Ready-made project of the warehouse.

Anti-crisis proposal from “GenStroiProekt”

The Logistics center "Severo-Zapadnii tehnopark", the warehouses 3 and 4 in Kubinskaya street with total floor space more than 40 000 m2.

Re-design of the mine "Severnyi-Glubokii" GMK "Norilsk Nickel" with widening and total replacement of treatment facilities equipment.

The warehouse complex in the settlement Bugry of Leningrad Region in area 9600 m2.